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Senior Sessions

NEW IN 2018 


Calling all 2017/2018 High School Seniors! I am excited to announce that *new this year* I am now offering Senior Sessions!! 

These sessions are meant to capture you in your final year of secondary school, celebrating your life and accomplishments thus far, while looking towards the transitions and opportunities in your future. 

This past summer I have watched my niece and a few others close the doors on this significant chapter in their lives, while simultaneously opening new ones. This is such a significant milestone - as the emotions of their moms showed! - and one that should be documented. 

I will be offering Introductory Pricing/Packages for a limited time/number of sessions, don't hesitate to jump on this great opportunity!  Each session is personalized to showcase the particular Senior, from location to outfits to activities or hobbies and time of year.  I would love to plan this special session with you. 

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