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Everyday Joy

A few years ago while walking through a valley in my life, I listened to a podcast that mentioned the term Everyday Joy.  The words really spoke to me as I recognized that it is during my most trying times, that what is truly important, and what I have to be thankful for, becomes clear, and brings joy and peace, even amidst uncertainty.  We are all walking through life as imperfect people in a broken world, so each of us will have valleys and struggles in our lives.  How important to be able to experience, when all else is laid bare, the joy and thankfulness that remains, even in the midst of pain and sorrow.  The seed of Everyday Joy was planted in my mind, and over the past years has taken root and impacted my daily life.  It has also influenced my work priorities and focus, leading to this rebranding of my business.  The goal of Everyday Joy Photography is to celebrate and capture YOUR joy, your love, your blessings, where you are, in whatever circumstances you are in. 

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